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  • What makes a bird Spectacular?

  • Many would say- different strokes for different okes! Brightly coloured plumage certainly helps. But there is a lot more involved. I like birds with personalities; I like bizarre looking birds- from Frogmouths and Potoos to Hoatzins and Wattled Umbrellabirds. I like weird hairdos – from the Northern[...]
  • The Red Kites of Gigrin Farm

  • Gigrin farm lies just outside Rhayader in mid Wales in the heart of Red Kite territory. It is regarded by many as the best place in Europe to watch and photograph Red Kites. The story of the Red Kites in the UK over the last 20 years has been heralded as a conservation success. In 1989 there were as[...]
  • Welcome to my website!

  • If you are interested in birds from all seven continents, then enjoy the opportunity to view more than 4400 species I have photographed over the past 12 years. My name is Ken Logan and my number one hobby in retirement is birding and bird photography. I am however still a birder first and a photogra[...]